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Linux Academy Australia

Global Vendor Neutral Certifications, Designed by The Team of Experts as per the current need of Software Industry

Linux Academy Australia

LAA is world's first vendor neutral orginisation, which provides gloabl certification on generic and legacy based technologies like Container Management, Orchenstration, Programming, Cloud, Networking and Scripting, with 80% Performance based and 20% Theoritical exam pattern under the supervision of Linux Academy Certified Proctor (Examiner)

We saw the amazing community that’s grown up around Kubernetes, and we wanted to be part of that. We wanted to benefit from added velocity and reduced cost, and also align with the rest of the industry on best practices and tools

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Visa Achieves a 10x Increase in Scalability with Docker

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From automotive to healthcare and finance to e-commerce, OpenStack is running critical workloads around the world

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Linux Academy Career Guide and Vision

Find out about jobs in Linux and discover options to take your career to the next level. Download the LPI NDG Career Guide today.

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Being an IT professional you may have witnessed the growth in the Technology industry over the years. For professional as well as individual growth, IT certifications help in keeping up with the rapidly evolving industry. IT professionals through additional certifications can leverage upon their skills in terms of interesting project opportunities and client acceptance. Organizations having certified personnel have the advantage of getting a better client in-flow as well.

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In IT, Skillsets are one of the important aspect of getting hired or promoted, Skills helps you to do advance, but certification helps you to prove your self and Validate your skillsets. 90% Would recommended certification to a friend or colleguae.

Linux Academy Australia (LAA) Offers vendor neutral certification based on container management, container orchestration, scripting, Programming and Networking with 80% Performance based and 20% theoritical MCQ based exam. LAA has unique system to test your Skills which helps you to validate your skillsets with Global Vendor Neutral Certification Provider.