We believe that the maximum we explore from a student’s mind, the maximum positive outcome we receive. Hence to ensure your success, we are working towards delivering Advanced Technology based Certifications.

Linux Academy Australia

LAA Started with the mission to build Technical Skilled workforce. In 2019 we as LAA started our journey towards Advanced Learning which has been specially designed to provide Quality Education for IT professionals. We are working towards providing technical Skill for development of Inclusive Digital Society by dissemination of high quality standards in IT systems and solutions through processes of Training and Certifications.


Our vision is to provide an unique platform to each individual by offering vendor neutral global certification facility using which each individual will retain the open source knowledge on current distruptive skills. Comparing IT lifecycle few decades before and now; there is a huge spike in terms of shifting from Barematel - Virtulization - Cloud - Container. LAA vision is to make this spike easy by providing quality based, unique examination methodology. We are commited to a Quality based Exam, to make that happen we have a vast QA team which works 24x7 on each aspect of examination with the latest version