LX101 Linux Academy Certified Container Administrator

Container supports Microservice application deployment and project lifecycle management using CI/CD in datacenters, this exam will verify your skills on different container management tools

Skills measured

  • Creating Image from Scratch
  • Creating Image Using DockerFile
  • Running A Container Using PodMan / Docker
  • Understanding Private / Public Registry
  • Creating Private Registry
  • Dealing with Registry Using Skopeo
  • Dealing with Skopeo
  • Dealing with Images using Skopeo
  • Understaind Image Repository Operations
  • Commiting Changes using Buildah
  • Docker-Compose Use case
  • Managing Volumes Using PodMan / Docker
  • Pusing custom Image to registry
  • Creating Networks for Containers
  • Running Multi-Tier Application Using PodMan

Certification Exam

  • Cost: 199$
  • Version: 1.0
  • Passing Score: 75%
  • Duration: 2.3 Hours
  • Validity: 3 Years
  • Language: English

Prepare for Exam

If you have hands on experience on this technology and you think you don't required any Technical Training so you can Schedule Exam without any Training Fees.

  • Download Complete Syllabus
  • Download Certificate Exam Hand Book
  • Learn with LAA Community.

If you want to take Training from Industry Professionals and Experts so you can contact our Trainning Partners. There are some following benefits if you take Instructor-led Trainning.

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